Essential Items You Need for Your Ball Python: A Comprehensive Guide

Essential Items You Need for Your Ball Python: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcoming a ball python into your home is an exciting and rewarding experience. To ensure the well-being and comfort of your scaly friend, it is essential to have the right equipment and supplies on hand. In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive list of items that are crucial for providing a safe and enriched environment for your ball python.



When selecting an enclosure for your ball python, it is important to choose the right size to accommodate their movement comfortably. We recommend investing in a glass or PVC terrarium with secure locking mechanisms. For adult ball pythons, opt for spacious 4' x 2' tanks with sliding doors, while 36" tanks are suitable for younger ones. It is advisable to avoid using lid tops, as they can cause issues. To enhance safety, consider silicone the top in place prevent escape attempts.



Reptichip is our top recommendation for its exceptional humidity-retaining properties. Your ball python will thrive in this substrate.  We do not recommend Aspen or reptile carpet.


Heating Equipment:

Ball pythons require a warm environment to maintain their body temperature properly. A reliable heating source such as a ceramic heat emitter, coupled with a thermostat, will help regulate the temperature inside the enclosure. This will ensure a proper thermal gradient, allowing your snake to thermoregulate and stay healthy.  We do not recommend bulbs that emit any light, which is why we suggest the ceramic bulbs.  Ball pythons are sensitive to light and do not enjoy it like many basking snakes such as Garters.  



Owning a snake without a thermostat is simply not an option. It is an absolute must-have. Never use a heat source without a thermostat, as it can lead to burns. Trust us, we've witnessed unfortunate incidents in Facebook groups. Thermostats allow you to set temperature thresholds and receive alarms for added peace of mind.


Hide Boxes and Enrichment:

Providing multiple hide boxes within the enclosure is crucial for your ball python's sense of security. Use sturdy hide boxes made of ceramic, wood, or plastic, and place them in both the warm and cool ends of the enclosure. Additionally, consider adding enriching decor like branches, climbing structures, and artificial plants to create a stimulating and naturalistic environment.  

Enrichment is crucial for your ball python's well-being. Create a stimulating environment with a variety of fake plants, live plants, slate, rocks, and hides. The key is to provide an abundance of options to fulfill your snake's enrichment needs.



While ball pythons are primarily nocturnal and do not require specific UVB lighting, it is still essential to provide a light source that mimics a natural day-night cycle. A low-wattage ambient light or a dimmable LED light can provide a gentle day and night pattern, creating a more natural rhythm for your snake.


Water Bowl and Humidity Control:

A sturdy and heavy water bowl that is large enough for your ball python to soak in is essential. Regularly refill the bowl with fresh water to maintain hydration. Additionally, consider using a hygrometer and a cool-mist humidifier to monitor and regulate the humidity levels within the enclosure, as ball pythons require higher humidity for proper shedding.

Feeding Tools and Substrate Cleaning Supplies:

To safely feed your ball python, invest in long feeding tongs or forceps to prevent accidental bites. Additionally, keep a separate pair of cleaning gloves for handling any cleaning or maintenance tasks. Other cleaning supplies like a herp-safe disinfectant such as Chlorohexidine, paper towels, and a small dustpan and brush will come in handy for routine maintenance and substrate cleaning.

Thermometer and Hygrometer:

Accurate temperature and humidity monitoring are crucial for maintaining the ideal conditions within the enclosure. Invest in reliable thermometers and hygrometers. Digital or analog models can provide accurate readings to ensure the optimal environment for your ball python. We NEVER suggest a stick-on thermostat because when you snake becomes interested it will potentially pull it off and get stuck on it!  Trust us, we've also seen this in Facebook Groups!  We highly suggest Govee products. These devices are fantastic as they can be connected to your phone. Receive notifications regarding temperature and humidity, making it easier to monitor your snake's habitat.


Childproof locks:

For extra security, invest in childproof locks to provide a double lock mechanism for your snake tank. These locks are not only effective but also prevent children from easily accessing the tank.



Maintaining proper humidity levels is vital, and a sprayer will help you achieve that. It is an essential tool to regulate humidity inside the enclosure.


Litter scooper:

Cleaning soiled areas quickly is essential for maintaining a clean environment for your pet. A litter scooper will make this task efficient and hassle-free.



Providing the necessary items for your ball python will create a comfortable and enriching living space for your scaly companion. From the appropriate enclosure and substrates to heating equipment, hide boxes, and lighting, each item plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and happiness of your ball python. Remember to research and select products that best suit your snake's specific needs, while always prioritizing their safety and comfort. With careful preparation and the right supplies, you are on your way to creating a wonderful home for your ball python!